Trade And Update domain Contacts

You can check and change your Registrant, Admin, Technical and Billing contact profiles by following the instructions below:

- Log in to your user account.
- If a new contact profile is needed, under the sub-section titled "Contact Management" select the option 'Add a Contact'.
- Enter the details as necessary and click the 'Create' button below the fields.

- Once you have created the new profile, go to 'My Registered Domains' and click on the domain name you wish to modify.
- At the following screen you will see the DNS configuration and other details for your domain. Make the changes in the 'Contact Information' area.
- For ADMIN, TECH and BILLING contacts: select the desired profile from the drop-down menu for any contact you wish to change. Click 'Update Contact' and at the next screen 'Update Domain'.
- For the REGISTRANT contact: first click 'Change Registrant'; at the next screen you will be able to select the new registrant contact you wish to assign from the drop-down menu. Click 'Continue' until completion. Please note some registrant updates are charged by the Registry, in these cases you will be asked to make payment.

Please Note that some domain extensions will require further information before the change can be made at the Registry. Please Note that some domain extensions will attract a registry modification charge.

Existing contact profiles cannot be edited. A NEW contact profile must be created with the correct data if you want the details to be shown in a WHOIS search.

For any ccTLD please advise us once the changes have been submitted from your account so that we can confirm if any further information or action is required to complete the changes.


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