How can I hide my contact details from the WHOIS?

If you have concerns about your domains' contact data being public, for most generic TLDs (such as .COM) we are able to offer a WHOIS proxy service.

To enable WHOIS privacy for a given domain:

- Log in to your user account with us.
- Go to 'My Registered Domains'.
- Click on the Domain Name you wish to add privacy protection for.
- Click the 'Enable' button under Whois Privacy section.

If the 'Enable' button is not available that extension does not support WHOIS privacy/proxy services.

For most country-code TLDs (such as .NZ) a WHOIS proxy service is not possible; the amount of data shown will be determined by the registry's policies. But please note that some ccTLD registries will either show limited data at their WHOIS or have an option for individuals (as opposed to legal entities like companies) to hide their data. If you would like more information about how the WHOIS works in a given extension please let us know:

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