Is my local IP blocked?

If you are unable to access cPanel hosting services then this might be due to a block of your public IP in the server hosting your domain - temporary and then permanent blocks are put in place due to multiple incorrect log-in attempts, or large-scale connection attempts, during a short period of time. Blocks are incurred for specific local IPs, so connecting from a different location should not give you the same error.

To verify if you have been blocked locally please confirm which of the following you are able/unable to access, picking one of the available options:

1) The website in a browser (
2) The cPanel login URL (
3) The Webmail login URL (
4) The direct cPanel access from your user account using the 'Login' icon:

- Please log in to your account
- Select 'My Hosting Accounts' from your dashboard menu
- Click the 'Login' icon for the appropriate hosting service/domain


- If you receive a 'Could Not Connect to Server' error in all four cases then your local connecting IP is likely blocked.

Contact us to confirm you have checked all the above and that you believe you are blocked. Please provide any IP address you are unable to connect to your cPanel server from; you can Google 'What's my IP' to find this out if you are unsure.

- If you can reach your website but cannot reach your cPanel login and/or Webmail login then (provided your website is hosted on our server) this means your connection to the server isn't blocked, but you might have the necessary ports for cPanel and Webmail blocked on your local network.

To access cPanel port 2083 needs to be open

To access Webmail port 2096 needs to be open

You will need to consult your ISP (or your local network adminstrators if at the office) to verify if these ports are open on your network.

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