How to order a Backup Restore

If you do not have your own backups on hand, you can place an order for a restore from our own archived backups:

- Log into your user account with us;
- Click on 'My Hosting Accounts' under the 'Hosting Management' area of the menu located on the left hand side of the page;
- 'My Hosting Accounts' lists all hosting accounts you have with us;
- Under the 'Tools' column, click on 'Restore Backup' icon (the fourth icon)
- Select the date you wish to restore to - you can generally restore up to 28 days prior to the order date*;
- Follow the on-screen prompts to submit the order and make payment;

* Please note we cannot guarantee availability of a given day's backups; we will contact with available options if the backup on the request date has any issues.
** Please note that manual backup restores require processing time from our administration team and therefore incur a fee.

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