How do I add subdomains?

To make a subdomain, you simply need to edit your DNS records -- on our nameservers (if you were not on our nameservers already; then below DNS changes should be made with current nameserver provider), try these steps:

1) Log into your user account.
2) Go to "My Registered Domains"
3) Click on the domain name you wish to modify. This should take you to a new page.
4) Go to "Set Up DNS Record"

From there, simply add DNS records where the "host" is your desired subdomain. (e.g. for "", the host would just be "blog".)

The type and content of the record will depend on your hosting provider.

If that hosting provider is us, the record would look like:

Host: [subdomain]
Type: A
Content: [IP]

The IP address should be the same as the other IP addresses in your zone file -- if you are not sure what your hosting IP address is, please advise and we can confirm it.

Please note that if the subdomain is on our platform, it also needs to be added to the hosting cPanel:

1) Log into your hosting cPanel.
2) Go to "Subdomains" (under "Domains")

If you are unable to locate this tool, ensure that "paper_lantern" is set as the active theme
3) Fill in your desired domain (e.g. "blog")
4) (Optional) If you have parked multiple domains, pick the appropriate domain from the "domain" list
5) Pick the folder the subdomain should be located in -- we recommend something like public_html/[subdomain], to keep it as a subfolder of your main website and easily accessible, but you can put it anywhere you want.

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