How long do Delegations and DNS changes take?

If you have already checked your new name servers and zone via a DNS lookup or dig tool (e.g be aware of the following common delays:

  1. Some ccTLD's require a manual operation and can be delayed because of this
  2. The delegation might already be done, but your provide has not yet enabled the zone records, check with them on any server error (e.g Server status Refused)
  3. The required Record is in place, but was added for the incorrect subdomain. Commonly this is due to the Domain name being added to the host field. Ensure that this is not the case.
  4. PLEASE ALLOW 24-48HRS FOR GLOBAL PROPAGATION BEFORE MAKING ANY FURTHER MODIFICATIONS. The internet requires time to look up new content, this will always take time. While sometimes this can happen quickly, other times it can take the full 24 hour to be visible.

Please be aware of the above mentioned causes for delays, but always feel free to join us on live chat. We are always happy to check for possible issues.


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