How do I connect my domain to Microsoft Office 365?

To connect your domain with Microsoft Office 365 you will usually need to add/edit several different records to the DNS for your domain; which can be found here

- A TXT record for verification
- An MX record to route email (**see point 1 below for some additional notes)
- Up to five CNAME records
- A TXT record for SPF
- Two SRV records (**see point 2 below for some additional notes)

If you are using our name servers you can add all these different types of records in our DNS in the normal manner from your user account. If you are using external name servers it is recommended to add these records in the current name servers for your domain (unless you are terminating all current services and/or are otherwise sure that the switch to our name servers won't sever the connection to other active services such as your website).

If you are using our name servers then to do this:

1) Log into your user account.
2) Go to "My Registered Domains"
3) Click on the domain name you wish to modify. This should take you to a new page.
4) Go to "Set Up DNS Record"


** If entering the records in our name servers there are some particular points regarding entering the MX record and the SRV records:

1) The MX record you are given will specify a priority of '0' but our system will not accept priorities less than 1. Please simply enter the priority as 1 and rest assured this will have no impact (MX priorities only come into play where you have multiple MX records and their priorities are relative to each other on a strict 'less than, equal or greater than' basis. Their absolute values have no impact apart from this relationship to other MX records);

2) SRV records have to be added in a particular format with all the information for the record included in either the 'Host', 'Content' or 'Priority' fields. You will need the following pieces of information from your provider to add your SRV record: 'service', 'protocol', 'weight', 'port', 'target', 'priority'

Once you have these, the format to add the SRV record from your account with us is below.

HOST: _service._protocol
CONTENT: weight port target
MX PRIORITY: priority

- The 'weight', 'port' and 'target' are all included in the CONTENT of the record, separated by a single white-space.
- Both the 'service' and the 'protocol' are included in the HOST portion of the record; each has a lead underscore ('_') and they are separated by a single dot ('.')

If you have any issues with your SRV record please let us know and we will be happy to clarify if it has been added correctly and is being returned from external queries.

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