How do I change PHP settings?

If you have hosting with us you can change PHP settings from the 'Select PHP Version' tool on your cPanel.

- Log into cPanel
- Go to PHP Selector (called 'Select PHP Version' in some themes)
- If still running the 'native' version of PHP switch to the same non-native version (e.g from native (5.6) to 5.6)
- You will then see available PHP Extensions; click 'Options' at the top of these
- Once you click you will see the current PHP settings - clicking on the value next to these will permit you to edit
- 'Save' below

If you need to set values outside those available via this uploading a php.ini file (or .user.ini file if having issues in php.ini not overriding existing settings) to your working directory.

- Create a new file in a simple text editor (like Notepad)
- Name this file 'php.ini'
- Add any directives needed into your 'php.ini' file (one per line and as many as needed) to set PHP values as desired. The documentation for the particular application or publishing tool/CMS you are using (e.g. Wordpress) will provide you with the specific directives and values you need to set. Some common directives are:

max_execution_time =
memory_limit =
post_max_size =
upload_max_filesize =

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