How do I set up my emails in Thunderbird?

The following instructions are used to configure an IMAP account on Mozilla Thunderbird email client.

1) Create a new account:
  - Email

2) A pop-up window appears - Select 'Skip this and use my existing email' then enter:
- Your name
- Email address e.g
- Password ( The password setup for this email address )

3) 'Continue'

4) On the next screen, select 'Manual Config'

Incoming = IMAP   Server Hostname =    Port = 143   SSL = NONE    Authentication = 'Normal password'

Outgoing = SMTP   Server Hostname =    Port = 25 or 587   SSL = NONE    Authentication = 'Normal password'


IMPORTANT: correct the username at the bottom; Username = full email address e.g

5) Select 'Done' - you may see a warning message about encryption settings, however you can proceed anyway without error.

Please be advised, the default frequency of which Thunderbird checks for new mail is once every 10 minutes - this could be lowered to around 5 minutes if you are experiencing delays in receiving incoming messages to the Thunderbird client.

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