How do I change email quota?

E-mail addresses can be managed from the 'Email Accounts' tool in your cPanel and also, you can modify the quota limit assigned to any email account(s) also.

- Login to your user account
- Click on 'My Hosting Accounts ' located on the left hand side of the page;
- To the right of the desired account you wish to log into click on the first tool

A new tab will open in your browser and you will be logged into your cPanel hosting account.

- Click on the 'Email Accounts' tool
- Click on 'Manage' - Make changes next to 'Allocated Storage Space' (or select 'Unlimited' if needed) to as much space as you wish to assign to your email account.

**Please note that setting quotas on individual email addresses is recommended as addresses without their own quota will not receive usage notifications as they approach capacity and risk going over the disc space limit for the hosting account as a whole, which will impact all services on the hosting account.

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