Global Phone Numbers are Sunsetting

Why are you shutting down the Global Phone Numbers product?

After careful evaluation of our current product offering, we have decided that continuing to support Global Phone Numbers is not sustainable into the future, particularly due to the low demand. We appreciate your support and loyalty over the years in trusting us with the management of your phone number. While we understand this may come as disappointing news, we are here to help you with the transition to a new phone number provider.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our customer support team.


When will Global Phone Numbers be shut down?

Our Global Phone numbers product will be sunsetted on the 1st of June, 2024

What do I need to do before 1st June 2024?

You must port (transfer) your number(s) to another provider in the market if you wish to continue using it. Most providers have a dedicated page for porting that will give you guidance and timelines for porting out your number. You will need to contact your new provider to port your number. Once they receive your request, they will send us a porting request which we shall approve as soon as possible.

You can see the number of active phone numbers with us by logging into your Instra customer account.


What other vendors are out there in the market that I can use to port my number?

We understand that the decision to discontinue Global Phone Numbers may impact your operations. Here are a few alternatives you can consider:

While we are committed to providing support during this transition period, the alternative providers above are independent entities, and their services may vary from ours in terms of features, pricing, terms of service, and overall quality.

Note: Our suggestions are based on our assessment of the market landscape, but the choice of an alternative provider is yours to make.

Instra will not be responsible for any services, features, pricing, terms of any of the alternatives mentioned above. They are merely suggestions. Customers should conduct their own research, seek advice from relevant experts, and carefully consider all factors before choosing a service provider.


What will happen on 1st June 2024?

From 1st June 2024, you will not be able to manage your phone number through your account with us. If you have ported your number to a new provider, you will manage your phone number through the new provider's login interface.

If you have not ported the number to a new provider, from the 1st of June anyone calling the number will receive a ‘phone not available’ message and management of the phone number will not be possible through our website.


What will happen to the call credit in my account?

If you have call credit after the 1st of June, we will add it to your Instra account credit balance. This credit balance can be used to purchase or renew any products that we offer. (excluding the initial free call credit which is non-refundable). For questions about your credit balance, please contact for assistance.


My phone number does not expire until after 1st June 2024. What will happen to the remaining time I have left on my phone number registration, that I have paid you for?

Any time you have remaining on your phone number registrations will be converted to funds and added to your Instra account balance.

For questions about your credit balance, please contact for assistance.


What happens to copies of my past voicemails and fax?

Copies of voicemails and faxes were sent to the email address associated with your account at the time they were created. Please check your email to find the copies.


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